Potosi Oktoberfest Beer

STYLE:  Märzen-Style Lager


DESCRIPTION:  Raise your glass to the harvest moon and hills adorned with radiant hues. This reddish orange lager celebrates the season with a rich caramel malt flavor, moderate hop bitterness and a frothy head. You don’t have to wear lederhosen to drink it, but you might want to.

AWARDS/RATINGS:  Gold Medal World Beer Championships—95 Points, Gold Medal Exceptional


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Friday is Global Be(er) Responsible Day

All it takes is one person who Gives a Damn to save a life. Join the movement and do your part to prevent drunk driving. This Friday and every day, Give a Damn about the safety of your friends, family, and neighbors by keeping our roads safe. Always remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead for a safe ride home whenever alcohol is involved. A message from Budweiser and G&M Distributors reminding you to Give a Damn. Don’t Drive Drunk.

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Shackleton Blended Scotch

With a generous strength of 47.3% Shackleton Blended Scotch gives the spirit plenty of impact on the palate but in a mild warming manner.  Harmonious and exhilarating.  Whispers of gentle bonfire smoke slowly give way to spicy rich toffee, treacle and pecan nuts.

These enticing flavors linger lovingly on the palate, but are soon combined by a sensual, complex array of creme brulee, orange rind and freshly baked bread. It is a remarkable tapestry of tantalizing taste sensations which truly rewards the palate.

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Be Responsible This Labor Day Weekend

Here’s to catching the last rays of summer and toasting the American worker.  You’ve earned your time off this Labor Day weekend. But there are no days off when it comes to drinking responsibly. Drunk driving is 100% preventable so let’s work together to keep our roads safe this Labor Day weekend and every day.  However you choose to celebrate, plan ahead to get home safely. Designate a driver, get a ride, request a Lyft or take public transport. Whatever you do, care enough to get home safely and help keep our whole community safe. Give a Damn. Don’t Drive Drunk.

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Apothic Inferno is Here!

The most anticipated wine release of the year is finally here.  Apothic Inferno is a limited production, barrel aged, wine highly sought by wine drinkers.  Apothic Inferno is available now in select retail locations.

This small-batch, limited release red blend has been aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels.  Red and dark fruit flavors combine with layers of maple and spice, giving way to a long, clean finish.



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September Recycling Promotion Benefits Habitat for Humanity

During the month of September, G&M's recycling center will donate 1¢ per pound of aluminum cans recycled to the Habitat for Humanity program.  Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization that helps low-income families build their own homes.  The philosophy of Habitat for Humanity is that the economically disadvantaged need capital, not charity, and co-workers, not caseworkers, in...

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Izze Fusions – Try One Today!

Upliftingly vibrant bubbles, water and a fusion of real fruit juices in exciting flavor combinations create a refreshing new taste experience. It’s… a sorta soda …a sorta juice …a sorta new way to beverage Product Details 5% juice; 60 calories per 12 oz. can; No artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners Pack Sizes Single Serve: 12 oz. Sleek Can; 8 pk: 8 x 12 oz. Sleek...

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Mountain Dew Label Series

Earlier this year Mountain Dew expanded its brand with the launch of four new products: Mountain Dew Green Label, Mountain Dew White Label, Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade, and Mountain Dew Spiked Raspberry Lemonade. In the Mountain Dew Label Series, the new line of bold yet refined beverages now includes the citrus-flavored Mountain Dew White Label and the apple-kiwi flavored Mountain Dew Green...

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Be Responsible During the Labor Day Holiday

This Bud’s For You, the American Worker. You’ve worked hard all year and Labor Day is your time to unwind and relax. But before you crack open that well-deserved cold one, remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead for a safe ride home. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with family, friends or co-workers, care enough to get home safely and help keep our whole community safe. Give a...

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Introducing a Marzenbier Inspired by the Classic Fest Bier Style

Fest Bier is brimming with notes of toasted malt and freshly baked rye bread. This light-bodied German lager is clean and crisp with a fine noble hop character and mild earthy bitterness that is the hallmark of Hallertau hops.  Raise a few steins of Goose Fest Bier this fall and celebrate this time-honored tradition, Prost! Goose Island Fest Bier Facts ABV:  5.7% IBU:  23 Color: ...

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