Go Green

Aluminum Recycling:

  • We started recycling in 1970!
  • Since 1996 we’ve recycled over 3 million pounds of aluminum
  • Our recycling center is open to the public and we pay per pound of aluminum

Internal Recycling:

  • We recycle approximately 80% of our in-house waste
  • We recycle all of our in-house plastic “shrink” wrap

Energy Conservation:

  • Our warehouse and offices were converted to energy efficient fluorescent lighting
  • We run our fleet on biodiesel
  • Our warehouse is heated through efficient radiant heat
  • Our fork trucks are electric

Future Projects:

  • We’re always looking for ideas on improvement and giving back
  • We are currently exploring: alternative fuel sources, hybrid technology, and water reclamation


  • We also focus on green with our sister company, Wildwoods Farms
  • Since 2001 we have planted over 70,000 trees and helped restore several acres of land near Maquon, IL