G&M Distributors believes in supporting the communities we serve.  Every organization, benefit, fundraiser, initiative, or celebration has an impact.  Thank you for taking the time to volunteer and serve.  People like you make a difference.

As you can imagine, G&M gets thousands of donation requests annually.  Please keep the following parameters in mind when making a request:

  • Geographic Location:  We only make donations to organizations and/or initiatives in the communities we serve.  We are located in west central Illinois and service 24 counties in this area.  We do not sell products in the Chicago Metropolitan area and do not donate to special events in the Chicago area.
  • Free Products:  Please keep in mind there are strict laws governing alcohol in the State of Illinois.  G&M is not allowed to give away alcohol.  Simultaneously, G&M does not give away any non-alcoholic products to be resold or used at special events.
  • Time Frame:  In an effort to stay organized and on budget, we only look at donation requests once per month.  A request must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance.  Please call our office to follow up on the status of your request.
  • Impact:  As a company policy, we do not donate to single-person or family benefits.  We strive to donate to organizations with a large impact.  For example, we donate to the American Red Cross to help victims that have been involved in a home fire.  Over 80% of our team donates to the United Way.
  • Employee Champions:  We always prioritize donations that are close to our employees’ hearts.  If you know a G&M employee, ask them to champion your donation.
  • We support those who support us!  We are a beverage distributor.  Selling beverages is how we generate funding to support you.  If your event sells beverages we ask that you include ours.  When you’re shopping at your local grocery store or dining in your favorite restaurant, please buy a G&M product.  Our website contains a listing of the products we carry.