G. Louis Vitale in Budweiser training school in the 1940s, a Schlitz delivery truck from the 1950s at Vitale Incorporated (Aurora, IL), G. Louis Vitale


G&M is a wholesale beverage distributor serving western Illinois.

Since 1946, we’ve been locally owned and operated. Our products/services include the following categories:

About G&M

In 1946, G. Louis Vitale risked everything he had to found G&M Distributors, Inc. His first supplier was the Schlitz Brewery of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vitale named the company after his children “G” (Guy) and “M” (Margot, Mike, and Marcia).

After its humble beginnings in Galesburg, Illinois the company expanded into various beverages and bottling companies. The company remains headquartered in Galesburg and now represents over 30 suppliers including Anheuser-Busch, The Gallo Family, PepsiCo, Pabst Brewing, and others.

Guy L. Vitale, Jr. served as the company’s general manager from 1973 – 2010. He returned to the family business following time in the U.S. Peace Corps (Equador). Guy also spent time in St. Louis, MO as a history teacher and football coach, while obtaining a Masters in Business Administration from Washington University.

Guy was well known for G&M in the beverage industry and community. He also had a reputation as a community servant. He donated his time and money to numerous local charities.

Adam G. Vitale is the company’s current President and General Manager. He returned to the Galesburg area in January 2008. He has industry experience with Republic-National Distributing Co. of Washington, DC. Additionally, Adam obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

The company services a ten county region in western Illinois and remains family owned. G&M is still true to its core values of taking care of its family of employees. The company continues to be an integral part of its community and consistently gives back.

We’re proud of our family of employees, our history, and our community.

About Our President

Adam G. Vitale

Upon graduating from the University of Delaware in 2001, Adam embarked on a career in hospitality and tourism consulting with a branch of PKF Consulting in Alexandria, Virginia. His main clients were the United States Air Force Department of Services and the United States Army Department of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation. He also provided consulting services for a variety of other private hotel and restaurant companies.

Adam then joined Republic-National Distributing Company of Washington, D.C., where he worked up from a sales representative into management. He managed the portfolios of major wine, spirits, and beer companies for the Washington, D.C. market.

In August 2006, Adam was accepted at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing in December 2007.

Adam then became the General Sales Manager at G&M Distributors, Inc. in Galesburg in January 2008. In July 2010, Adam was promoted to General Manager of G&M. In September of 2010, Adam was elected the President of the Board of Directors for G&M.

Locally, Adam is on the Board of Directors of OSF St. Mary Medical Center and The Taste of Galesburg Committee. He also serves as a region director to the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, a committee member on the City of Galesburg Liquor Advisory Commission, and is chairman of the food and beverage committee at Soangetaha Country Club. Adam is the vice-president and treasurer of the G.L. Vitale Family Foundation. He also manages the family’s farm, Wildwoods Farms, located in Maquon, Illinois.

Our Staff

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  1. David Burnham says:

    I find it very poor that your drivers ignore the handicap parking and just back the truck in the handicap space instead of one farther away. Your driver continually blocks the one at Caseys in St. David. I have photos. It is giving a very poor image of your company and the products you represent.

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